Words From Our Community

A few of our members share their experience of being part of our community and how its changed their life. Enjoy!



The Friday night meditation for me has been a staple in my life for about a year now. My work week is so hectic that I begin to anticipate the teaching and the meditation come Thursday afternoon.

It is a space of beauty, understanding, wisdom and peacefulness. These things I need inherently. The teachings are simple and playful and like a breath of fresh air. The most spectacular way to end my week. And the Sunday teaching and meditation are the most spectacular way to initiate the week in the same way. A little yin a little yang for body, mind, spirit, brain. And what a pleasure it is to connect and share with humans who are aware, inspired, inquisitive and intelligent.


Words from our community - Betty


I started attending the Kadampa Meditation Center to learn how to meditate and calm my mind. Through the wisdom of dharma and routine meditation, I have experienced decreased irritability, increased patience and calmness in my day-to-day living. Co-workers and friends have noticed the changes as well. Thank you KMC for your support and showing me the path.


Words from our community - Liz


I originally came to KMC The Hamptons because I was experiencing some difficulties in relationships. My expectation was to learn how to relax and stay calm, what I found was the beginning of a journey of self discovery that has altered every aspect of my life in a positive way. Although I come from a different tradition, the wisdom gained from applying Buddhist teachings in my life have helped me personally and professionally.


Words from our community - Dorotea


I tried so hard throughout my life to be content and loved. All that I gathered was a constant devastating pain in my heart. When cornered by despair and depression not knowing how to help myself, I decided to take a meditation class. I needed to quiet and control my mind.

To my surprise I walked into more than a meditation class. I entered into a Kadampa meditation center. I opened my mind and let all the wisdom from the teachings shower me with a new understanding of my existence. For the first time in my life I don’t feel so alone, I feel connected to all living beings in a very special way. I love the Center because I can explore my mind at my own pace, while being surrounded by kind, respectful, generous people. No pressure, no judgement. They call it teachings, I call it medicine for my mind. Soft kind words with the wisdom of a Buddha. I feel like every time I attend a class one more positive seed is planted in my mind at my heart. 


Words from our community - Sam


For the past year the Dharma center has become the most precious place in my world. I was searching for spirituality and found it, but I also found so much more. A loving and close community of like-minded people who have become my family, friends and sangha - I am grateful and blessed each and every day.


Words from our community - Alice


The dharma is truly the way to a happier life. In my prior spiritual voyages nothing has come close to explaining and guiding me to true freedom. These teachings are very powerful!  Meditation is the key!

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