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Introduction to Tantra

With Resident Teacher, Alex Bonano

$15 | Free for Supporting Members

Do you feel you have been the exact same person your entire life? The exact? Or is it more accurate to say that there have been many many many versions of you throughout the years... or even, throughout today?

Buddha's Tantric teachings and mediations  are all about taking charge of your own "identity" and steering it in powerful and meaningful directions.  Who do you want Ito be? Be it!

We have unlimited potential to re-imagine ourself as more loving, more compassionate, more wise.  These colorful, rich, playful and imaginative teachings enable us to use all of our daily enjoyments and experiences as the very means to help us do just this..

June 3       Joyful Life

June 10     Open House Meditation: Stop Worrying, Start Living

June 17      The Power of the Imagination

June 24      Letting Go of Limitation