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Escape to Reality - Meditating on the True Nature of Our Body, our Mind and Our Self

With Resident Teacher Alex Bonano

$15 | Free for Supporting Members

All our  negative minds, unskillful actions, and mental and physical pain come from ignorance grasping at things  to  be more solid or real than they actually are.  On this course we will access  reality  with a practical and philosophical exploration of the true nature of things, increasing our blissful wisdom.

Our body, our mind, and our self are not as real and fixed as they appear, but like dreams, projections, and hallucinations. They depend upon our thoughts, so if we transform our thoughts we can transform everything. Deepening this understanding is the most  powerful way to let go of pain and negativity, grow our inner strength, ripen our compassion, and discover profound peace of mind.

May 6       Letting Go of the Limited Self

May 13        Appreciating Kindness - A Mother's Day Special with Guest Teacher Sharon Guskin

May 20       Meditation on the Emptiness of Self

May 27      The True Nature of the Self