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Sunday GP: Meditation, Mindfulness and the Limitless Nature of the Mind

With Resident Teacher, Alex Bonano

$15 | Free for Supporting Members

According to the great meditator yogis of the past, the best method to improve our mindfulness and concentration is the meditation on the nature of the mind. In this series we will explore this deeply relaxing and profoundly illuminating meditation, in particular how to improve our experience of it so that we actualize for ourselves its many benefits. These benefits include: increased mindfulness, concentration, peace, happiness, and insight into the mind’s limitless nature. Through these insights we tap into our extraordinary potential for change and growth, enhanced optimism, patience and purpose, and a solution-oriented mind.

Feb 18: The Nature of the Mind

Feb 25: What is the Mind?

Mar 4: The Potential of the Mind

Mar 11: Improving Our Concentration

Mar 18: Improving Your Life and Your World

Each class is self contained, pre-registration not required.

Beginners welcome!