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The Power of Joy

In these talks and guided meditations, we explore Buddha’s profound insights, emphasizing the power of joy to uplift our mind and make our lives more fulfilling.  Join us to learn how to overcome our painful thoughts and negativity, which fritter away our precious moments.

1.     Is Joy Possible? 

2.     Why Bother: How to Deal Constructively with Depression July 7

3.     Was Pollyanna Wise or a Fool: the Role of Positive Thinking

4. How We Live Matters: What Goes Around Comes Around

5.     Less Attachment, More Joy

6.     Less Anger, More Possibilities


“What is the purpose of deliberately generating joy? It is so that we will take full advantage of our present opportunity.”

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Joyful Path of Good Fortune

Each talk, appropriate for newcomers and experienced meditators, will include guided meditations, and discussion and Q&A time.