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Understanding the Illusion of Loneliness

A Half Day Meditation Course

With Resident Teacher, Alexandra Bonano

We often feel as if we are isolated individuals and suffer from loneliness, yearning to feel a sense of connection with others. On this practical day course, in talks and meditations, we'll discover how this perception of ourselves as separate from others is an illusion, for in truth we are all naturally and profoundly interconnected. 

By learning to understand and feel this connection we'll reduce our sense of isolation, allowing a natural closeness and authentic love for others to arise. Through this wisdom passed down from Buddha, we can transform our outlook on life, heal our relationships, and lay the foundation for universal love, which is the key to solving not only our own problems but those of our world as well. (This course is also ideal for anyone who has ever fallen madly in love or been through a painful breakup!) 

2 sessions: 10:00am - 11:15, half hour break, 11:45- 1:00pm

Everyone welcome!