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The Confidence to Change

We all want to bring about changes in our lives. In particular, there are certain aspects of ourselves that we want to change. Most of our wishes are good, and they arise from our deepest wishes -- to be happy and free from pain. Buddha's teachings on bringing about personal change -- inner transformation -- help us to understand what we need to change, and give us the confidence and skill to create meaningful and lasting change.


           January 6: Why we get stuck

           January 13: Discouragement and insecurity

           January 20: The energy of enjoyment

           January 27: The confidence to change

           February 3: Directing our confidence and joy

Every class will include two guided meditations, a talk, and a chance to ask questions and discuss. Everyone is welcome to these drop-in classes, regardless of your experience with meditation or Buddhism. We offer ancient wisdom for modern people with modern challenges.