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Freedom from Painful Emotions

With Special Guest Teacher Rebecca Friedman

$15 | Free for Supporting Members

According to Buddha our suffering comes about due to the uncontrolled and painful states of mind, known as the delusions. During our summer term, we will be focusing on Buddha’s illuminating teachings on these painful minds and how to overcome them. In each session we will focus on how to deal with a particular delusion, learning practical methods to reduce its hold on us and in this way allowing us to experience a deep and satisfying emotional freedom. As our delusions diminish we draw closer to the person we wish to be, a joyful, confident and loving person. Everyone welcome.

Topics Covered in Series:

  1. How Attachment Sets Us Up for Suffering
  2. Increasing Love and Enjoyment through Reducing Attachment
  3. Letting Go of Anger
  4. Transforming Conflict and Problems with a Calm Mind
  5. Increasing Confidence, Eliminating Insecurity
  6. Connecting to Others through Reducing Jealousy and Envy
  7. Cultivating a Giving Heart
  8. Overcoming Depression and Low Self-Esteem
  9. Freedom from Worry and Agitation
  10. Letting Go of our Limited Self

Everyone is welcome, no experience is necessary!