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Finding Stillness Within- Half-Day Retreat

With Resident Teacher Alex Bonano

“When our mind is free from the turbulence of distracting conceptions it becomes calm and smooth. When we are enjoying internal peace and happiness our craving for external sources of pleasure naturally declines and it is easy to remain content.” Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, How to Understand the Mind

Through training in mindfulness and concentration we can gain control of our mind and improve the quality of our life by overcoming harmful states of mind and find stillness and peace within. A person with good concentration has control over their mind, like a well-trained horse that obeys its rider. Pure concentration also helps to make our body and mind comfortable and flexible and is essential if we wish to remain at peace in daily life.

On this retreat we will look at methods to improve our mindfulness and concentration both in meditation and in our daily life so that we can maintain a sense of peace and contentment and solve many of our daily problems.

2 sessions: 10:00am - 11:15, half hour break, 11:45- 1:00pm